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ABCC App is a stable and secure application offering blockchain digital asset investment and trading solutions for users globally. It shows professional market data in real time; and is safe, transparent and stable, allowing you to trade efficiently at your fingertips.
1. Expert Team
ABCC Exchange was founded by Calvin Cheng, a technology and media magnate, and other co-founders with a broad range of experience and track record at some of the most successful Internet, financial services and management consulting firms.
2. Institutional Investors
At this stage, ABCC has officially announced Funcity Captial, Dream Seeker Capital, and Block Origin Capital as its institutional investors. More institutional investors will be announced in the future as required.
3. Advisors and Investors
Dr. Michael Frendo (Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malta)
Zhang Lei (CEO of Yee and Yeecall)
Forrest Chen (Founder of NewsDog and CNN Platform)
Weixing Chen (Founder of Kuaidi Dache)
4. Our Values
Embracing the philosophy of blockchain technology—open, frictionless and participatory, we have placed value investing at the core of our values. ABCC endeavors to provide users with a safe, stable and speedy blockchain digital asset investment and trading platform.
1. Speedy: our industry-leading technology enables speedy transactions.
2. Professional: hand pick value coins with multidimensional parameters based on the concept of value investing to safeguard users' interests.
3. Secure: we separate trading behaviors from assets, with this unique security architecture, we offer our users multi-layer protection.
1. Real-time Market Data: real-time market data of multiple currencies, allowing you to keep abreast with market dynamics whenever and wherever.
2. Speedy Trading: speedy trading of various coins. You can complete your transactions within seconds.
3. Rewards Distribution: open and transparent - you can check your rewards in real time.
4. Block shares: real-time block data and mining cost - you can check in real time to adjust your investment strategies.
5. Multilingual interaction: mainstream languages to cater to global users.

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